Martha Morgan describes herself as “a literary Jack of all trades,” having written for magazines, radio and television. In her column, "Notes From Over the Hill," which she launched in 1993, she found her true niche–a little late in life, she admits, but after all, you can’t write about being old until you get there. 

With the percentage of elderly in the population on the rise, it was not surprising that her column struck a responsive chord in readers. Unlike columns that offer advice to retirees, Martha’s take a humorous look at the quirks and foibles of aging. Readers identified with the situations she described, and urged her to publish them in book form. She did, and the book quickly sold out. This book is a new collection of her columns, and we predict that it will be as welcome as the first. 

Martha lives in Luther Tower, a seniors’ high-rise in Saskatoon.